Process Cards $0 – $44.95 Per Month

Process ALL Cards For $0 – $44.95 Per Month
With Mt Timpanogos (Edge) 0% Dual Pricing!
Save Thousands In Card Processing Fees Every Year!

✔️ NO PCI Fees

✔️ NO Annual Fees

✔️ NO Other Fees

✔️ Earn Extra Income

Now you can process ALL Card Transactions for your business from $0 – $44.95 per month with the option of your choice below. Utah EZ Pay is thrilled to be offering our Mt Timpanogos Edge 0% Dual Pricing Rate powered by North American Bancard and PayAnywhere.

Customers love the option to receive a 4% discount for paying in cash. When using a card, the 4% fee is included in the payment from the customer.

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Left Is Standard – Right Is 0% Mt Timpanogos (Edge) Dual Pricing Savings:

Standard Merchant Services Per Month 0%Dual Pricing Processing Per Month
Total cc sales: $50,000 Total cc sales: $50,000
Total transaction fees: 300 X .15¢ ea = $45 Total transaction fees: 300 X .0¢ ea = $0
Total batch fees: 30 x .25¢ ea = $7.50 Total batch fees: 300 x .25¢ ea = $0
PCI fees: $9.95PCI fees: $0
Statement fee: $7.50Statement fee: $0
Total interchange fees: $1,680.05Total interchange fees: $0
Grand total processing cost: $1,750 MonthlyGrand total processing cost: $0 Monthly
Yearly Processing Cost: $21,000Yearly Processing Savings: $21,000 (- software fee)

The Only Fee Is For The PayAnywhere Monthly Software Or Not:

Ingenico Countertop Smart Terminal

No Software Fee

Ingenico Desktop Credit Card Payment Terminal

PayAnywhere Mobile
Smart Terminal

$14.95 Per Mo Software Fee

PayAnywhere Free POS Terminal Mobile

PayAnywhere Countertop

$14.95 Per Mo Software Fee

free PAX A80 payment processing terminals

PayAnywhere Smart
POS System

$44.95 Per Mo Software Fee

Utah EZ Pay PAX E700 POS Point Of Sale Process Cards For 19.95 A Month

Payments Hub Virtual Terminal Included.

$0 – $29.95 Per Mo Software Fee (basic reporting & Virtual Terminal included with no fee)

Payments Hub Virtual Terminal Reporting & Management

iSmart Edge Processing How Edge Works

Edge (Mt Timpanogos) Dual Pricing Rate To The Customer = 4%.
A $100 (sale) X 4% = $104 charged to your customers card.

Discount Rate To The Merchant = 3.8461%.
Merchant is billed 3.8461% on the $104 (104 X 3.8461% = $3.999944 = a $4 fee) charged to you the merchant which equals the $4.00 surcharge billed to the cardholder – merchant amount equates to the consumer surcharge amount. $104.00 (settled) minus (-) $4.00 (discount rate)= $100 (merchant net funded)

Utah EZ Pay Is Trusted & Offers The Best In Payment Processing.

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Utah Support

We are here to help your business with POS Systems, Smart Terminals and our famed Utah EZ Pay options. Process cards at a 0% or .35% rate! We are the ONLY Merchant Service Provider in state of Utah to earn the Gephardt Approved seal of approval!

Utah EZ Pay Gephardt Approved Certificate

Customers Love Having Payment Options.
Your Competitors Are Offering Dual Pricing. So Should You!

Payment Solutions And Price options I really like

    Give Your Business The Competitive 0% Dual Pricing Edge.

    Your Customer Will See And Choose How They Want To Pay:

    The sales details screen now shows both cash and credit (Retail) prices. Customers can more easily see the price difference between paying cash versus paying with a credit card. This update opens up new markets to you where merchants want the POS to display both prices.

    Dual Price Display 1

    Note, the dual price display will be defaulted ON. If merchants would like to turn off the dual price display, they can do so in the Payanywhere App or on Payments Hub under Cash Discounting Settings > Display Cash Price.*

    We Will Provide Free Dual Pricing Signage:

    Dual Pricing Display Sign

    The Simplified 0% Dual Pricing Statement You Will Receive:

    Note; the only bill on your statement you will ever see is the $14.95 – $44.95 software fee
    depending on what package you choose. Scroll down to view on the bottom right of the last page to view the total and only $14.95 per mo fee! 👍

    FYI You Should Know:

    On the east and west coast’s of the USA we are setting up 97% of all new accounts with a 0% dual pricing card processing platform with our sister company iSmart Payments. Here in Utah with Utah EZ Pay, the number of merchant has not reached 65% as of June of 2023. In next 12 months that number is expected to reach 75% or more.

    Cash Discounting (Dual Pricing) Vs. Surcharging

    While cash discounting (Mt Timpanogos “Edge” 0% Dual Pricing) offers a discount to customers who pay with cash, surcharging is the practice of adding an additional charge to the total sales transaction to cover the fees associated with credit card processing. Credit card surcharging is regulated by the card brands and you must register with them 30 days in advance of doing so. Cash discounting (Dual Pricing) is not.

    • Cash Discount: A customer pays less than the listed price when paying with cash
    • Surcharging: A customer pays more than the listed price when paying with credit

    We know they sound very similar, we feel the same.. 🤔 However the can brands have their guidelines…

    Utah State Tax Commission has been doing this for years using a surcharging/convenience fee model. We will show, help, and set up your business with a more compliant and much less abrasive way to accomplish this with our 0% Dual Pricing model.

    Utah Tax Commission Card Processing Conveyance Fee

    Choose From Our Free Options Below. We’ll Set Everything Up:

    PayAnywhere Countertop Terminal & PIN A80 $14.95 (terminal only)
    or $24.95 (terminal & PIN pad) Per Mo.

    Process Cards For 19.95 A Month Office Smart Terminal Credit Card Machine

    Get all of the features that will allow you the option accept all the various modern payment types for your customers. The PayAnywhere Countertop Smart Terminal is a great choice with its robust features.

    The PAX A80 with Smart PIN Pad display is packed with robust usability for both you and your customers to enjoy. Utah EZ Pay recommends this payment solution terminal for brick and mortar business.

    With this option your business can process cards for $24.95 per month up to $250,000 per month in total sales volume.

    PayAnywhere Mobile Terminal A920 Pro – $14.95 Per Mo.

    Mobile Smart Terminal

    The best choice for any mobile business on the go or in need of a mobile terminal. And the perfect replacement option for your traditional terminal with a sizable 5″ HD touchscreen, receipt printer, and barcode scanner.

    Our PayAnywhere mobile smart terminal is the PAX A920 Pro and it is the most versatile unit on the market today. It boasts a variety of great features. This is the most common smart terminal that many of our Utah EZ Pay mobile customers enjoy.

    With this option your business can process cards for $14.95 per month up to $250,000 per month in total sales volume.

    PayAnywhere Point of Sale System (POS) Plus E700 – $44.95 Per Mo.

    PAX E700 Smart Terminal

    Efficiently check out your customers with our large format point of sale system. The PayAnywhere Smart POS System comes with an impressive 12.5″ HD touchscreen, 4.3″ customer facing display, receipt printer, and barcode scanner.  

    Whether you are upgrading or adding a new system, having the PayAnywhere POS + system on your checkout counter will transform the check-out process for both your team and customers. You will enjoy the smart and robust reporting features such as managing employees, inventory and more.

    With this option your business can process cards for $44.95 per month up to $250,000 per month in total sales volume.

    Receive Basic Free With Terminals or POS
    PayAnywhere SmartPhone App & Virtual Terminal:

    Payments Hub Virtual Terminal Reporting Process Cards For 19.95 a month
    Payments Hub Reporting

    With our Payments Hub Virtual Terminal, you can see your transactions and so much more from any computer with an internet connection.

    • See detailed reporting
    • Send out invoices with payment link
    • Set up recurring billing
    • Customer & Employee tools
    • Create profiles
    • Customize with your logo
    • And much more

    The Powerful PayAnywhere SmartPhone App Is Included.

     Accept payments PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader
    PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader App Send Receipts
    Reporting PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader
    Create recurring invoices from PayAnywhere
    create item library
    Inventory Card Reader
    Create tickets or tabs as needed
    PayAnywhere Free Terminal Options Adding Tips

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    Utah EZ Pay Can Get Your Account Set Up In 15 Minutes!

    Greg G Kapitan of Utah EZ Pay

    What makes processing cards For $19.95 per month by Utah EZ Pay so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB at the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local Salt Lake City area level, Greg G Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801-205-1955 anytime. Take a minute to put my number in your phone, you will be glad you did!

    North American Bancard Staff

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