Employee Management With Homebase

Employee Management
With PayAnywhere HomeBase Integration.

In your Payments Hub, you will find integrations with the Homebase Employee Management Platform. Simplify paying your hourly team with timesheets and payroll. This you can do all in one place from any internet connected smart device. Homebase helps small businesses manage their work schedules, time clocks, payroll, HR, and more. This way you can focus on people. Utah EZ Pay will help you get set up with this integration.

  • Instantly convert your timesheets into hours and wages in payroll.
  • When you run payroll, Homebase sends direct deposits to your team members, and tax payments to the government for your business.
  • We automatically process your tax employee filings and issue 1099 and W-2s.

With Homebase you can also integrate with Paychex, ADP and the like. Utah EZ Pay we can set your business up in as little as 15 minutes. We are ready to help your business grow and spend less time on employee management.

HomeBase, Built For Hourly Work.

And For People Who Hate Paperwork.

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Time Clocks

Homebase turns (almost) any device into a time clock to track hours, breaks, and overtime. Plus, makes payroll prep a breeze. No paper. Or spreadsheets. No nonsense. And no more wasted time.

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Employee Scheduling.

With Homebase, your schedule is online and always up to date for your team. You can adjust it on the fly, on the bus, or from just about anywhere. And then instantly share it with whom you specify.

Employee Payroll.

Make payroll painless. With one click, turn your timesheets into hours and wages in payroll. Then Homebase automatically calculates paychecks, sends direct deposits to employees, and files your payroll taxes. Yay!

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Employee Management Homebase team communication

Team Communication.

Send a message and be sure your team has read it. Know that your employees are on time, even when you aren’t there in person. Homebase helps you stay in sync and run a better team.

Plus, Everything Else You Need to Manage Your Team—All In One Place.

Employee Management With Homebase A Must For Business Owners.

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Get Started With Employee Management With Homebase

Greg G Kapitan of Utah EZ Pay

What makes Employee Management With Homebase offered by Utah EZ Pay so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB on the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local level. Greg G Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801-205-1955 anytime. Put my number in your phone, you will be glad you did!

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