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No Card Processing Fees –
Mt Timpanogous (Edge) 0% Dual Pricing Program.

Business now have the VM Discover & AMEX approved option to charge a separate prices dependent upon whether the customer is paying for cash or other transactions. This is called a Dual Pricing Program. We call it our, Utah EZ Pay 0% Dual Pricing Processing Program.

An Edge 0% Payment platform was developed to allow merchants a simple way to offset the cost of processing fees. With this program, the business will eliminate 90% + on their processing fees. Yes, you read that correctly, offset and eliminate 90% + of your processing fees!

Our new smart terminals automatically raises the price of each non cash transaction 4% to cover all of the non cash processing fees. EX: a $100 charge typed into the new terminal will show up as $104. The customer is then charged $104 to cover all of the fees. Customers understand this. Then the next morning the $100 is deposited into your business checking account. Clean and simple!

It’s called Edge for a reason, it will give your business a Competitive Edge!

Edge 0% Program Is The Only Program That Is Fair To You And Your Customers. And as You Know, Customers Love Options!

Which of your customers currently provides higher margins for your business: cash paying or non-cash paying customers? Cash, right? But are you doing anything now to incentivize these more profitable clients?

Edge 0% Dual Pricing gives you an easy way to reward them for paying with cash. More than half of your customers are going to pay with non-cash tender, so you have had to price all of your products in a way that offsets that cost.

Your cash paying customers are paying the same amount with no benefit. The current system is not fair to your cash paying customers. That is why we invented our Edge Dual Pricing program. The Edge platform is truly fair to all of your customers.

Your business will stand out from the competition by providing them with options. And as you know, customers love options!

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Left Is Standard Processing – Right Is Edge 0% Processing:

Standard Merchant Services Per Month Edge 0%Dual Pricing Processing Per Month
Total cc sales: $50,000 Total cc sales: $50,000
Total transaction fees: 300 X .15¢ ea = $45 Total transaction fees: 300 X .0¢ ea = $0
Total batch fees: 30 x .25¢ ea = $7.50 Total batch fees: 300 x .25¢ ea = $0
PCI fees: $9.95PCI fees: $0
Statement fee: $7.50Statement fee: $0
Total interchange fees: $1,680.05Total interchange fees: $0
Grand total processing cost: $1,750 MonthlyGrand total processing cost: $0 Monthly
Yearly processing Cost: $21,000Yearly processing Savings: $21,000

The Benefits Of No Processing Fees Are Many!

Consider this, if you did not have processing fees anymore, how much would it add to your bottom line? A lot, right! Here at Utah EZ Pay, we have a smart solution for your business that will eliminate 90% + of your processing fees. Just imagine how much your business will be saving would be year after year. We do this with implementation of our Edge 0% processing platform.

You Will Enjoy Eliminating:

Processing Fees.
Statement Fees.
Per Item Fees.
PCI Fees.
Batch Fees.
Yearly Fees.

You Will Enjoy Experiencing:

Same/Next Day/Instant Funding Options.
 No Processing Fees Deducted From Your Account.
Simplified Statement.
No Contract.
No Cancellation Fees.
Free Smart Processing Equipment.

Simple Easy To Read Statements For Your Business!

How Can The Processor Make Money On 0% Fees?

In a nutshell, Edge 0% is a Dual Pricing processing program. Business owners know that it is costs approximately 3% – 3.5% (on average depending on what was used) total cost to them for charges with all of the fees combined. 

That space between the 3% – 3.5% and the 3.8461% (total charge to your business with Edge, PCI included) is where we, as your merchant service provider, make our money. This is to offset the cost of the free smart terminals, free PIC coverage and everything else we cover in the Edge processing platform. Most customers across the valley, and the United States, have come to expect an extra charge for using non cash for their payments.

We Provide Signage So You & Your Customer Both Benefit.

iSmart Edge Processing Pay With Cash And Save

The Way Pricing Is Conveyed Is Of Most Importance:

This is how edge 0% dual pricing merchant services banner

Understanding Edge By The Numbers. A Streamlined Way.

iSmart Edge Processing How Edge Works

Now you have given your customer the option to pay with cash or other for of payment. By giving your customer the choice to pay with cash or credit payment, is always good for business! Utah EZ Pay is here for you. With inflation constantly in the news and out in the world as common knowledge, this is the perfect storm to truly benefit from the Edge 0% processing program.

You And Your Customer Now Both Get To Win!

You win becuase your revenue is more. They win because they now have a choice to save where they did not before. Also might not have the same option to save at your competitor which is good for you.

PCI Plus Protection Included With Edge Processing Merchants!

Get Set Up With Mt Timpanogos Edge 0% Processing Today.

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