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Happy Merchants & Reviews

Utah EZ Pay wants local business owners to be able to contact some of our merchants for reviews with names of business and phone numbers. Below are actual verbiage from business owners in testimonial for for your viewing. Please understand that not all owners want to be listed and so public. So we have a free that we’re willing to do so. Below are some happy merchants and reviews for Utah EZ Pay.

A Few Utah EZ Pay Reviews:

Upholstery West in Midvale – Using Edge 0% Dual Pricing

“I went from $800 a month to $58 a month in credit card fees,” Connie the owner of Upholstery West in Midvale Utah stated. “So, yeah I like the product.”.“…saving all that money is what attracted me…”
Connie can be reached at: 801-561-7011.    

Upholstery West iSmart Payments Reviews
Goodbye Clover Hello PayAnywhere Merchants Reviews
Goodbye Clover @ 3.65% Hello PayAnywhere @ .50%.
PayAnywhere E700 Smart Terminal
The E700 PayAnywhere Smart Terminal With merchant & Customer Facing Screens.
One Of Many Happy Merchants. Connie @  Upholstery West Midvale Utah.
One Of Many Happy Merchants. Connie @ Upholstery West Midvale Utah.

Philip & Co Jewelers in Salt Lake – Using Interchange Plus Processing

PHILIP & CO Fine Jewelers in Salt Lake. The photo is of Eric and his daughter Porsche. It was such and honor to receive a phone call from Erick the owner of Philip & Co Jewelers about his payment processing. We met at his business and looked over his current processing situation. He was experiencing no local rep support, high credit and debit card processing fees and a terminal that was set up incorrectly without a pin pad. We were able to get the business to experience savings in the 30%+ range. As well as a new smart terminal system with PIN based debit for a much lower transaction cost to his business. Plus, a local rep (your’s truly) to keep tabs and make sure all is going well on a continual basis.

Eric can be reached at: 801-484-2501 at the place of business.


History of Philip & Co Jewelers Salt Lake City Utah
Old terminal with no pin pad
Goodbye Old Terminal With No Pin Pad & High Rates…
New Smart Terminal With Multi Payment Acceptance Smart PIN Pad
New Smart Terminal With Multi Payment Acceptance Smart PIN Pad.
PHILIP & CO Eric & Porsche. Great People To Do Business With For Jewelry
PHILIP & CO Eric & Porsche. Great People To Do Business With For Jewelry!

Gephardt Approved in SLC – Using Interchange Plus Processing

A savings over 40% credit card fees. “In the process of investigating the background of Greg Kapitan and his company, I also signed Gephardt Approved up for his approved list Utah EZ Pay / Smart Payments.  As a result, my business will be paying about half of what I had been paying a big bank every month for merchant services” Bill said.  Bill Gephardt the owner of Gephardt Approved.
Bill can be reached at: 801-462-2510.    

Greg Kapitan and Bill Gephardt

Wasatch Mountain Images/Rustic Frameworks in Heber City – Using PayAsYouGo PayAnywhere Processing

“It was fantastic,” said Wasatch Mountain Images / Rustic Frameworks owner Matt in Heber City.  “Yes, I saved money, but [Greg] was passionate about his business.  He was very caring and not pushy at all.  He made sure it worked for me, and boy, it did!”
Matt can be reached at: 801-243-4471.    

Rustic Frameworks

Thank you for taking the time to read some of our merchants reviews. Here at Utah EZ Pay we are looking forward to helping your business. I would like to share what I told Bill Gephardt below,

“It’s a passion more than anything,” Greg told me.  “I pride myself in education and advocacy for business owners.”

Greg says he needs business owners to understand they are likely paying way too much.  He says the key for him is to get business owners to give him the last statement from their current merchant services provider, and he’ll do the rest.

That’s what I did.

Greg says he puts the statement through his computer analysis using his proprietary  software.  

And Presto:  Just like that, I’m paying about half of what I was paying.  And I’m not alone.”

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Greg G Kapitan of Utah EZ Pay

What makes Retail Payment Processing by Utah EZ Pay so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB on the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local level. Greg G Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801-205-1955 anytime. Put my number in your phone, you will be glad you did!

North American Bancard Staff