E-Commerce For Your Website

Your business can increase sales through online e-Commerce and boost revenue with ease. Selling online is a popular sales method, worldwide. USAePay is a payment gateway company with over 20 years of e-Commerce experience. Their payment gateway is used by nearly 90,000 merchants, supports most of the major platforms in the credit card industry and works with some of the leading check platforms. It also works with most of the larger merchant service banks in the US and Canada. Utah EZ Pay will help assist you getting your Salt Lake City area business set up, step by step as we are here to help.

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USAePay Payment Gateway for Shopping Cart Integration

Utah EZ Pay with our processor North American Bancard Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) is compatible with the USA ePay payment gateway. This allows your business to accept payments directly on your websites and is the ideal solution for business owners who are dipping their toes into the e-commerce online world. We will help your business in this endeavor.

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You Will Need A Shopping Cart Plugin

A Shopping Cart Plug-in allows you to create ‘Add to Cart’ buttons for your products or services on your site. The shopping cart plugin lets you sell products and services directly from your own site and turns your blog or page into an e-commerce site.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

It also allows you to add/display the shopping cart on any post, page or sidebar easily. The shopping cart shows the user what they currently have in the cart and allows them to change quantity or remove the items. We will help you get your website set up for e-Commerce with a shopping cart. The is for your customer to put their items into for checkout and payment. This is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online over the Internet. This payment gateway has many options for shopping cart integration. This is a must have for any website to generate sales.


Multiple Online Payment Gateways Mean We Have the Right Solution

Here at Utah EZ Pay, our processor is North American Bancard (NAB). They seamlessly integrate with seven, full-featured online payment gateways. This way your business can have the options you need for your website. They are including Auth. net and USAePay amongst others.

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E-Commerce Solutions

What this means, no matter what industry you’re in, is that we have a secure and affordable solution. This will help you offer fast and frictionless online credit card processing which will increase your sales. Already using a payment gateway? We will very likely be able to integrate with it, which makes switching to NAB, to save money on payment processing, super easy. Here at Utah EZ Pay, we are always here to help!

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Greg G Kapitan of Utah EZ Pay

What makes e-Commerce for your Website by Utah EZ Pay so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB on the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local Salt Lake City area level. Greg G Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 801-205-1955 anytime. Put my number in your phone, you will be glad you did!

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