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Utah EZ Pay is excited to offer PayAnywhere Free Smart Terminal Options for processing card payments. Enjoy the feature rich and robust reporting functionality to grow and manage your business from ONE platform. Choose the package below that best suits your business model and power your potential with PayAnywhere by North American Bancard. 

Below Comes With Every
PayAnywhere Account:

  • View Payments Activity
  • Employee Management
  • Manage Stock Inventory
  • Reputation Management
  • Free PayAnywhere App
  • Free Reporting Virtual Terminal
  • Invoicing, Recurring Billing & More
  • Mt Olympus .35% Processing Rate
  • Mt Timpanogos 0% Processing Rate
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Payanywhere Payment Processing Terminal Options

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Getting Started With PayAnywhere Free Terminals.
Easy As 1, 2 & 3!

1 – Choose Low Rates

pick credit card processing rate

2 – Select Free Equipment

Credit Card Processing Terminals

3 – Accept Payments

Utah EZ Pay process payments

Step 1. Choose Card Processing Rate:

Mount Olympus .35%

(40% + savings – fees paid by business)

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Mount Olympus is an Interchange Plus Rate platform starting at .35% basis points or lower. Businesses pay the fees at an interchange rate.

  • .35% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 1.29% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 2.25 % AMEX / Rewards.
  • 2.99% Manually Keyed-in Virtual Terminal.
  • Average of All Cards = 1.72%.

Mount Timpanogos 0%

(90% + savings – fees included in sale total)

Utah EZ Pay Mountain Logo

Mount Timpanogos is a 0% Rate Dual Pricing platform. The 4% processing fees are included in sale total. Or Customers can choose a 4% discount for paying cash.

  • 0% Debit Cards With a PIN.
  • 0% Debit & Credit Cards no PIN. 
  • 0% AMEX / Rewards.
  • 0% Manually Keyed-in.
  • Average of All Cards = 0%.

Step 2. Choose Free Card Processing Equipment Below:

PayAnywhere Smart Terminal Handheld Mini PAX A77.

PAX MINI A77 PayAnywhere Credit card Terminal

The PayAnywhere A77 Mobile Mini is a handheld, fully equipped smart terminal powered by the advanced functionality of PayAnywhere. It’s the perfect portable credit card reader for a number of businesses. Perfect for salons, pay-at-the-table restaurants, coffee shops, and delivery businesses. Receive the versatility to securely accept all payment types.

  • On the counter
  • At the table
  • On the go
  • Anywhere your business takes you
  • EMV chip cards
  • NFC contactless payments, Android, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • PIN debit payments
  • Traditional credit and debit acceptance cards with a magstripe reader

Free PayAnywhere Countertop Smart Keypad PAX A80.

PAX A 80 PIN terminals with pin-pad

One terminal on your side of the counter and another terminal facing the customer with the “PIN Pro Smart” option. Offer the latest payment options with a sleek payment device that provides maximum simplicity of use. This is perfect if you would like to keep using a keypad versus the touchscreen option.

  • Small to medium convenience stores/Service stations.
  • All types of quick-serve restaurants/Fast food.
  • Great for medical and dental offices.
  • All types of health, salons and beauty shops.
  • Automotive service/shops
  • All types of retail stores.
  • EMV chip cards.
  • NFC contactless payments, Android, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • PIN debit payments.
  • Traditional cards with a magstripe reader.

Free PayAnywhere Smart Mobile Terminal PAX A920 Pro.

Payanywhere Free Terminal Options Mobile Terminal PAX 920 Pro

Everything you will need in a mobile smart terminal. This option comes fully equipped with the advanced functionality of our proprietary software. The PayAnywhere Smart Terminal is ideal for countertop, or anywhere you and your business will be. This is a must-have for mobile businesses.

  • Use it in or around your store or to line bust and speed up the checkout.
  • A great option for shows, farmer’s markets and fairs where mobile payments are a must.
  • Perfect for convenient curbside style checkout.
  • Also for home or business delivery drivers.
  • EMV chip cards.
  • NFC contactless payments, Android, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • PIN debit payments.
  • Traditional cards with a magstripe reader.
  • Any business on-the-go.

PayAnywhere Smart POS Plus Point Of Sale System PAX E700.

Payanywhere POS Point Of Sale System

With the PayAnywhere Smart POS, you can transform your countertop with a point of sale system designed specifically for your business model. Offering advanced features such as inventory, open tabs tracking and more. Enhance your merchant services with fast and effortless transactions. This system includes a large format point of sale, business facing, 12.5″ HD touchscreen; a 4.3″ customer facing display; a receipt printer and a barcode scanner. This complete POS solution is ideal for established businesses for a variety of industries, including:

  • Quick-service restaurants & fast food.
  • All variations of retail shops and stores.
  • Automotive related shops/stores.
  • Healthcare, dental and medical offices.
  • Book and gift stores.
  • And many other types of businesses.
  • EMV chip cards.
  • NFC contactless payments, Android, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • PIN debit payments.
  • Traditional credit and debit acceptance.
  • Cards with a magstripe reader.

PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Bluetooth SmartPhone Card Reader.

Payanywhere Mobile Smart Phone Swipers NFC EMV

Accept all credit cards on the go by easily transforming your smartphone or tablet into a portable payment terminal. With payments powered PayAnywhere app with numerous features, you and your customers will enjoy fast and smooth transactions. Quickly connect your PayAnywhere bluetooth credit card reader to your iOS or Android smartphone and utilize the Pay AsYouGo Swipe Feature at 2.69%. Process nothing, pay nothing. You will enjoy the following:

  • Process cards Anywhere you have a smartphone or WIFI signal. 
  • At shows, farmer’s markets and fairs.
  • For convenient curbside checkout.
  • For home and business delivery.
  • On the site, anywhere else you need or want to do business with your customers.
  • EMV chip cards.
  • NFC contactless payments, Android, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

    PayAnywhere Payment Processing Video.

    Free PayAnywhere Smartphone App Included:

    This is one smartphone app that will do it all. Below you can see all of the many features that app is capable of. Just download that app, create a user and password you us when you created your account. And you are good to go!

     Accept payments PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader Free Terminal Options
    PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader App Send Receipts
    Reporting PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader Free Terminal Options
    Create recurring invoices from PayAnywhere
    create item library
    Inventory Card Reader PayAnywhere Free Terminal Options
    Create tickets or tabs as needed
    PayAnywhere Free Terminal Options Adding Tips

    Free Virtual Terminal With Payments Hub Included.

    Payments Hub Virtual Terminal Reporting

    With our Virtual Terminal, you can see your transactions from any computer with an internet connection. With the Virtual Terminal feature, within the Payments Hub portal, you will have the ability to accept credit cards right from your computer. Just key in the credit card details and process the payment. All of your card transactions can be seen online instantly.

    Enjoy In-depth Reporting Included With Payments Hub.

    It’s simple to sell, track, and restock your items with PayAnywhere’s free inventory tools. Bulk upload a product library, sort by categories, customize items with multiple price variants and modifiers, apply discounts, manage employees and more. 

    Payments Hub Reporting PayAnywhere Free Terminal Options

    Reputation Management From Payments Hub.

    With our Reputation Management from Payments Hub, your business success is written in the stars with access to our online portal. Manage customer satisfaction, monitor the competition and build a stronger online reputation right from Payments Hub. A must tool to have in your business toolbox! 

    • View and respond to all of your customer reviews
    • Create a reply filter and notifications
    • View and monitor your competitors 
    • Allow employees to have access to the level your specify 
    • Set your lead alerts to view new ratings as well as reviews 
    • See all of your report trends and your customer satisfaction info
    Payments Hub Reputation Management PayAnywhere Free Terminal Options

    PayAnywhere Free Terminal Options
    Receipt Printer & Cash Drawer Options

    Printer & cash drawer

    PayAnywhere App Reviews

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    What makes PayAnywhere Free Terminal Options Card Processing in 15 Minuets from Utah EZ Pay so good? Getting double support. Not only from NAB on the 1-877 corporate level, but also yours truly on the local Utah level. Greg G Kapitan, “Kapitan The Credit Card Man”. You can call or text me at: 801-205-1955 anytime. Put my number in your phone, you will be glad you did! We are ready to help.

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