Instant Accept Terminal With QuickBooks

Instant Accept Virtual Terminal Software With QuickBooks Integration.
Data Entry Simplified.
Choose our Mt Timpanogos 3% (+ or -) Savings on Card Processing Convenience Fees or Our Mt Olympus .35% Card Processing.

Utah EZ Pay is excited to be offering the Instant Accept Cloud Based Virtual Terminal. With this innovative integration with your QuickBooks account, your business can eliminate over 90% of card processing fees. This is a hybrid of our Mt Timpanogos 0% Card Processing Rate. Or you can choose our Mt Olympus .35% Card Processing Rate.

Instant Accept is a Software / Virtual Terminal (front end/merchant/business owner facing) that communicates instantly with QuickBooks and the CardPointe Payment Gateway (processor/back end) for simplification of any business model!

15,000 + very happy subscribers and growing every month 🙋‍♂️

Do You Ever Wish That….

  • Isn’t there an easier way to create an invoice or sales receipt and accept payments for each transaction in QuickBooks.
  • Like to set a specific Convenience Fee to offset 90% + of processing fees?
  • Why can’t I access the customer and invoice data in QuickBooks from my payments application?
  • How do I know my customer and business data are secure from unauthorized access in QuickBooks?
Instant Accept Live QuickBooks Integration Laptop

Accept and Record Payments Simultaneously With Our QuickBooks Integration:

Instant Accept Live QuickBooks Integration

Business owners and managers can process and record any form of electronic payment right into QuickBooks®. They will no longer need to manually enter and import transactions. In other words, Instant Accept takes care of front office payment processing and back-office accounting in one stroke, saving merchants and bookkeepers a whole lot of time and energy.

Case And Point:

Danny’s Lawn Service has over 100 customers in Salt Lake City. More than 25 percent of them take advantage of automatic bill pay via ACH direct deposit, while another 30 percent pay directly with a credit card. Until he started using Instant Accept, Danny, the owner, had to enter every payment transaction into QuickBooks® himself. Not only was this frustrating for Danny (he’s a landscaping guru, not a bookkeeper), it also took up valuable hours every month. Now Danny enters every payment transaction into Instant Accept, which does the work for him by feeding the information directly into QuickBooks®. The information is automatically recorded in the customer record, saving him hours of time each month. So, you could say the grass is greener now for Danny, thanks to Instant Accept.

QuickBooks Integration:

With our QuickBooks Integration you can access payments, customer and invoice data from the point of sale and keep your QuickBooks® records safe from unauthorized access. While we are seamlessly integrated with the following QuickBooks products, we also integrate with the CardPointe Payment Gateway (processor). Adding military grade security to keep all your payment activity protected. Keeping your payment acceptance all in one place.

QuickBooks  Desktop
QuickBooks Enterprise
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Accept Multiple Forms of Payments from Multiple Sources and Record Transactions Simultaneously With Our QuickBooks Integration:

multiple forms of payments card terminals

Merchants process payments and record customer accounts without the need for opening QuickBooks® or using the same computer. With the Instant Accept QuickBooks Integration you have maximum flexibility, making it easier for you to handle transactions.

When using Instant Accept customers are provided payment options which translate into more sales and revenue. Instant Accept allows you to accept multiple forms of electronic payments including chip cards, Debit Cards (PIN or PIN-less), card present swipe, eCommerce and ACH transactions.

We Offer Multiple Ways to Handle Payments

Instant Accept helps with that too! In the real world, all transactions do not originate in QuickBooks for Instant Accept and merchants need to keep a record of those transactions in QuickBooks. Instant Accepts Gateway Sync feature sync feature syncs data from select external payment sources and updates QuickBooks. Gateway Sync provides the ability to view each payment and assign them to a QuickBooks® customer and invoice. If the customer record and invoice doesn’t yet exist, they can easily be created with Instant Accept and that information is automatically updated in QuickBooks®.

Another Case And Point:

Ramone’s Restaurant in Utah County struggled with the same issue so many small businesses do, entering in the hundreds of weekly credit and debit card transactions they run through the restaurant’s multiple computers, into QuickBooks®. To solve the issue, they installed Instant Accept on two PCs – one at the bar and one in the dining room – to run all customer credit and debit card transactions. Both PCs sync with their copy of QuickBooks®, which is installed on Ramone’s bookkeeper machine, who works several miles away in SLC. Instead of having to gather receipts and provide them to his bookkeeper (who then manually enters them into QuickBooks®), Ramone can now just file those receipts away as Instant Accept automates the entire process and ensures that all transactions are automatically recorded in QuickBooks®, making him and his bookkeeper a lot happier.

Instant AcceptLive QuickBooks Realtime Integration

Seamless Two-way Data Exchange With Instant Accept: 

Don’t have time to open QuickBooks® to enter payments or set up a customer record or create an invoice or sales receipt for each transaction?
Want to access the payments, customer and invoice data from the payments application? Concerned about unauthorized access to your QuickBooks® records?

Access any customer information within your entire QuickBooks company file.
Enter customer information, as well as, billing information directly from Instant Accept.
Create invoices and receipts directly within Instant Accept never opening QuickBooks.
Access item numbers, descriptions, quantities and pricing rates for all products and services.

The Instant Accept Virtual Terminal: 

Below is a screenshot of the Instant Accept Desktop & Mobile Virtual Terminal.

InstantAccept is a QuickBooks solution that offers integrated processing that provides QuickBooks functionality without actually requiring the merchant to work within the QuickBooks application. Instant Accept is integrated with the CardPointe Gateway (CardConnect Processor) product suite for a seamless and secure single source QuickBooks and payment acceptance solution!

Instant Accept Virtual Terminal
Instant Accept Mobile Terminal

Hosted Payments Page: Easily Collect Payments from your Website: 

With Instant Accept’s hosted payment page you can create a seamless online checkout experience and start collecting payments directly from your website by embedding our pre-made payments page.

What is a Hosted Payments Page?

  • If you’ve ever purchased something online you’re probably familiar with an online shopping cart.
  • When you “checkout” and purchase goods online you’re using a hosted payment page to do so.
  • Hosted payment pages ensure secure transactions and enable merchants and consumers to buy and sell goods online.

Creating Invoices For QuickBooks With Instant Accept: 

Many businesses have salespeople and outside service people that take orders and payments remotely. These new orders and payments then need to be manually entered into the business’s QuickBooks® accounting package. This can be time-consuming and increases the possibility of entry errors. Instant Accept offers a solution to this problem. With Instant Accept new invoices can be created, existing invoices can be updated and payments accepted all outside of QuickBooks®. QuickBooks® is then updated in real-time through Instant Accept’s secure real-time synchronization.

Setting Card or ACH 3% (+ or – ) Convenience Fees:

Customers will see (below) the Convenience fee you set on their receipt 👇

Surcharge Transaction Example

How to Receive a Card or ACH Payment in QuickBooks With Instant Accept:

How Instant Accept Integrates With QuickBooks Desktop Financial Versions Demo:

Instant Accept QuickBooks Setup and Tutorial:

Instant Accept Features: 

  • Instant Tokenization: Cardholder data is tokenized upon submittal – credit card fields are not hashed
  • View Settlements, Deposits and Statements: When integrated to the CardPointe Gateway, users can view vital business data (i.e. settlements, deposits and statements) – all in one place
  • Reconciliation: InstantAccept’s customizable reconciliation solution ensures reconciling cash-to-receipts is integrated and automated
  • Dynamic Processing: Process card-present and card-not-present transactions in as little as three seconds over a high-speed internet connection – merchants can also utilize the ‘Split Payments’ feature to break payments into multiple billings
  • Security: InstantAccept’s PCI-compliant database protects valuable credit card and customer information
  • In-House Support: After installation, InstantAccept’s tech team will provide training to ensure a seamless transition

Instant Accept Virtual Terminal With QuickBooks Integration Fees:

  • A one-time $45 setup fee for every new merchant enrolled in Instant Accept
  • Merchant Cost: $39.95 monthly +.10 cent per card transaction Instant Accept fee

CardPointe (processor) Terminal Options
That Will Report To The Instant Accept Virtual Terminal:

VP3300 credit card swiper
$15 A Mo Lifetime Warranty & Replacement
CardPonte SmartPhone App
Free App
Instant Accept Clover CardPointe Terminal Options
$15 A Mo Lifetime Warranty & Replacement
Instant Accept CardPointe Terminal Options-2
$15 A Mo Lifetime Warranty & Replacement

Getting Started:

To sign up for InstantAccept using the CardPointe Gateway (fill out form Utah EZ Pay will submit) (and bill through CardConnect), attach the a completed InstantAccept sign up form via a ‘CardPointe Services – CardPointe Gateway Activation/Setup’ ticket in CoPilot:

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