FAQ For Merchant Services (Credit Card Processing)
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Below are FAQ’s for merchant service, credit card processing needs for your reference. Whether you are choose a Point Of Sale system or smart terminals, we are here to help you understand the details and options!

What Makes Us Totally Different –
We Are Merchant Service Advocates

1 – Utah EZ Pay was started with the internet of fully understanding our
merchants needs as all business models are different.
2 – Getting your business set up with the correct processing equipment is of most importance.
3 – This understanding results in the lowest total effective rate outcome for business owners.

FAQ For Merchant Services

Q – How long will it take to open up my account so I can process cards?
A – In most cases this can be accomplished in just 15 minutes.
We can assist you with the process, just text or call us at 801-205-1955.

Q – When will I get funded on my transactions?
A – We offer three funding options for business owners to choose from: Next day, Same day and Instant.

Q – Do you provide training for my new merchant account for accepting card payment transactions?
A – Yes we do. We offer a wide variety of training including credit card terminal, reprogramming and merchant portal training to ensure our merchants understand and get the best out of their selected system.

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Q – Is there a merchant account option that does not charge fees if I do not use it?
A – Yes, we have the Pay As You Go Account option that does not charge fees if it is not used (great for seasonal businesses).

Q – I would like a Point Of Sale (POS) system to track my sales as well as my employees. Can you help me with something like that?
A – Yes we can. We have a variety of Point Of Sale options to help grow and manage your business. Contact us to discuss what your business needs are and we will help you choose a POS Point Of Sale system that is perfect your business needs.

FAQ For Merchant Services Retail Cloud POS Point Of sale

Q – Will I be locked into a long-term contract?
A – No. In most cases, our merchant service agreements are month to month.

Q – Does Utah EZ Pay have free processing equipment with no long term contracts?
A- Yes, we have free smart processing equipment with no long term contracts along with the best rates in the industry.

FAQ For Merchant Services Card Processing Options

Q – I see you have several different card processing rates. Will you help me get set up with the one that is best for my business?
A – We offer different rate packages to suit specific types of businesses. Yes, we will get your business set up with the card processing rate that will be the best for your specific type of business and with the lowest effective rate.

(40% + savings – fees paid by business)

(90% + savings – fees included in sale total)

No matter what payment processing needs you have, Utah EZ Pay is here to help!