About Us – Is About You

About Us – It’s About You

Every business website provides an “About Us” page but really it is all about you and how we can help your business. Hello, my name is Greg G. Kapitan of Utah EZ Pay. I have been in the business for well over 10 years now.

In the image, I can bee seen with my wife Michelle, Bill Gephardt and our original office manager, Kimm. This photo was taken at the Sandy Expo Center Home Show back in the day (about 10 years ago).

We are a proud Gephardt Approved business and offering a great history of helping business owners
just like you!

Greg & Michelle Kapitan with Bill Gephardt & Kimberley
Sandy Expo Center – 2012

What Makes Us Totally Different –
We Are Merchant Service Advocates

1 – Utah EZ Pay was started with the internet of fully understanding our
merchants needs as all business models are different.
2 – Getting your business set up with the correct processing equipment is of most importance.
3 – This understanding results in the lowest total effective rate outcome for business owners.

How We Can Help Your Business – What Is Our Why?

No processing fees happy business owner iSmart Payments
Happy Business Owner With Merchant Service Card Processing Statement.

I, Greg G Kapitan, actually enjoy the Merchant Services business model, or as I now call it, digital payments with it being so technically involved and ever-changing.

I enjoy working with other business owners to help get their business set up to accept cards in the correct and compliant way. I have helped a multitude of businesses set up merchant accounts so they could start paying much less in card fees.

Our job here at Utah EZ Pay is to ensure business owners like you have their processing account set up correctly and with lower monthly fees. My why is that I find great satisfaction in helping another business and fellow humans.

It Is All About Your Effective Rate

It is important that business know how to find their effective rate and I am here to guide you through this.

Let’s say a business owner processed $50,000 in transactions for the month and they were charged $1,750 in card fees, to find the effective rate with this scenario, you would . . .

Take the $1,750 fees charged for processing cards and divide it by the $50,000 in transactions (card sales) equals 0.035 then you would multiply by 100 which will give you the effective rate of 3.5%.
($1,750/$50,000 = 0.035 x 100 = 3.5%)

We provide this service to business owners with a detailed free rate analysis for your business. The rate analysis will show your current effective rate and the rate we can offer to you, quickly and all in writing!

About Us Merchant Statement Analysis

Offering Many Smart Terminals For Your Business Model:

Payment Solutions Merchant Services Card Processing Options

Utah EZ Pay is offering many free PayAnywhere Smart Terminal options for merchants. We will help your business provide the best card processing experience for your customers.

Additionally, we offer reporting features to help you grow and manage your business. Many business owners are already enjoying the robust functionality features of our smart terminals.

Many Smart POS – Point Of Sale Systems To Choose From:

Utah EZ Pay has a variety of smart POS Point Of Sale systems suited for all types of business applications.

Here is a brief list of options for Retail & Restaurant / Hospitality:

Hot Sauce POS Point Of Sale

Our Payment Solutions Processor, NAB is Trusted by More Than 350,000 Businesses Nationwide!

Just imagine with all of the NAB clout in processing over 45 BILLION dollars of transactions per year, what we can do for your business? Utah EZ Pay is a local representatave for the NAB with a legal partnership, and we are here to help!

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North American Bancard Intro Video:

North American Bancard Video

North American Bancard By The Numbers:

North American Bancard Numbers

Call Or Text Me Personally At Any Time, I Am Here Ready To Help:

Greg G Kapitan

Be Sure To Add My Personal Cell Number To Your Phone Contacts.

At Utah EZ Pay, we pride ourselves on being a Merchant Advocate for businesses. We are on your side and here to help! We make ourselves available for business owners and their team to reach us at any time.

You are welcome to call or text us at 801-205-1955 24/7/365. We are here to help you whether going over equipment choices, getting you business a better and a permanent processing rate or any other question you might have.

No matter what your business needs are, if it involves processing cards, know we are here to help!