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No Processing Fees – Mt Timpanogos (Edge) 0% Revenue Enhancement Program.

Imagine having no processing fees for your merchant services. If your business were to not have any processing fees, how much would your bottom line increase per month? Multiply this number by 12 months and realize how much your bottom line would increase per year. Now, consider how much this savings would add up to for your business year after year. Whatever your current monthly cost is for merchant services, is what you will save by choosing our Utah EZ Pay Edge 0% Processing program. For example:

Standard Merchant Services COST
Per Month Examples
Edge 0% Dual Pricing Processing SAVINGS
Per Month Examples
$1,750 COST Per Month $1,750 SAVINGS Per Month
$89 COST Per Month $89 SAVINGS Per Month
$2,467 COST Per Month$2,467 SAVINGS Per Month
$29,650 COST Per Month$29,650 SAVINGS Per Month
Whatever It Cost Per MonthYou Will Save Per Month

How Does Your Provider Make Any Money With Edge 0% Fees?

In a nutshell, Edge 0% is a Dual Pricing processing program. Business owners know that it is costs approximately 3% – 3.5% (on average depending on what card was used) total cost to them for credit card charges with all of the fees combined.

That space between the 3% – 3.5% and the 3.8461% (total charge to your business with Edge, PCI & included) is where we, as your merchant service provider, make our money. This is to offset the cost of the free smart terminals, free PIC coverage and everything else we cover in the Edge processing platform.

Most customers across the valley, and the United States, have come to expect an extra charge for using a non cash from for their payments.

Edge Logo

Simple Easy To Read Edge 0% Processing Statements!

How Things Have Changed Recently.

In the past, merchants had to pay the cost of non cash transactions as part of their doing business. Merchants now have the option to charge a different price if the customer is paying with cash or using an other payment form for their transaction. An Edge 0% Payment platform was developed to allow merchants a simple way to offset their processing fees, thus eliminating 90% + of their monthly processing fees. You read that correctly, offset and eliminate 90% + of other non cash payment processing fees!

PCI Plus Protection Included With Edge 0% Processing Merchants!

All The Cost Of Running A Business Is Built Into Your Price, Correct?

Question: If your building rent goes up for your business, will you not raise your prices to offset that cost which ultimately is charged to your customer? What about inflation which affects the cost to your business, for example; electricity, supplies and employee pay, etc. When this happens, do you not raise your prices which in turn charges your customer more?
If you answered yes, then ask yourself, why you would choose to continue paying processing fees when you don’t have to? This is certainly a fair way of doing business as you get to capture expenses based on the payment method the customer chooses.

Many Business Owners Are Now Posting Signs To Offset Processing Fees.

By looking at the Customer Pricing Notice below, it is quite apparent that this business is not paying processing fees, they are being paid by consumers. We will show you how with a BETTER and a more EFFECTIVE way that can be implemented into your business model. You too can offset and eliminate your processing fees, while still keeping in compliance, by giving the customer more professional and streamlined options. It’s called Edge for a reason, it will give your business a Competitive Edge. We’ve got your back!

Fee Pricing Notice

This image shows a service fee that is out of compliance with the card issuers. Instead a dual pricing program like Edge is in compliance.

Today, many gas stations and business, in nearly every state of the U.S., are on board with this fee shift. Is it not time for your business to implement this benefit as well?

Now you can increase profits on every transaction as if it were a cash transaction.

With the current inflation is the perfect time to incorporate the dual pricing structure for your business.

The Way Pricing Is Conveyed Is Of Most Importance:

This is how edge 0% dual pricing merchant services banner

The Consistent Rise Of Processing Fees.

Merchants (business owners) understand that interchange fees charged for processing are high and just keep getting higher. This has been an ongoing hit to their bottom line year after year. The COVID-19 pandemic induced the card brands to delay raising their rates until 2022. Because of this, everyone is now anticipating that these processing rates will increase again in 2023. These rate increases will hit eCommerce online businesses particularly hard due to the dramatic rise in online fraud issues.

Business And Government Alike Offsetting Their Processing Fees.

Below is a screenshot of the Utah State Tax Commission cc card fees page with a 3% “convenience fee” charged to the customer. Many smart businesses and corporations across the country are offering a dual pricing option to their customers. Those paying with a cash will pay a lower price and those paying with an other payment form, will pay the higher price which ultimately offsets the businesses processing fees. We can set your business up with a more professional and streamlined way to implement this program then the out of compliance image below.

Utah Tax Commission Card Processing Conveyance Fee

Gas Stations Are Very Public About Offsetting Processing Fees.

Take a look at the gas station sign. This business is experiencing no processing fees. They have posted a dual pricing program. 100% in compliance. One for cash and one for non cash transactions. Now, the numbers are not as spread apart (as it would be for a small to medium sized business) becuase they have special lower pricing with the card issues as they process in the multi millions if not billions of dollars as gas stations chans do.

Edge Compliant.

10% Of U.S. Business Already Onboard With No Processing Fees.

​It is estimated that on January 6th of 2023, roughly 10% of merchants throughout the U.S. are already processing with a dual pricing program. Offsetting their processing fees as can be seen in the Consumer Affairs article of a 3.5% fee below (out of compliance) charged to the customer. Once your business has changed over to the new Edge 0% processing dual pricing program, simply point out to your customers that the discounted price is for cash and the other “regular” price is for non cash transactions. We will proved and required signage you might need to be in compliance. Also, we will program your new Smart terminal to make this transition very easy for you in full compliance.

Consumer affairs 3.5% credit card processing fee

Edge 0% Dual Pricing Processing System Works And Its Benefits.

  • The program automatically applies the standard adjustment of 3.8461% for non cash transactions to all purchases thus offsetting processing fees.
  • The system applies the 4% payment discount to cash transactions. The 4% discount is predetermined and built into the proprietary Edge dual pricing software. The customer automatically receives a discount for paying with cash.
  • As transactions are batched out, funds are deposited into your account the next day. For example, if batched out by 10:00 pm Monday EST funds will be deposited the next day by 10am. If your business open later than the standard 10:00 p.m. and batch out by 2 a.m. Monday and you will receive funds by 5: p.m. on Tuesday.
  • We also have an instant funding option. See video on the RHS of our home page for details.
How Edge Works No Card Processing Fees
  • If your business processes $1,040 worth of non cash transactions, you will see a deposit of $1,00.00 ($1,040 minus the 3.8461% other payment transaction fee of $40 that was collected per transaction for non cash purchases into your bank account.
  • The program utilizes daily billing with the 3.8461% (which was collected per other transaction) taken out of each batch.
  • This is a clean, simple and streamlined process.
Standard Merchant Services Per Month Edge 0% Dual Pricing Processing Per Month
Total cc sales: $50,000 Total cc sales: $50,000
Total transaction fees: 300 X .15¢ ea = $45 Total transaction fees: 300 X .0¢ ea = $0
Total batch fees: 30 x .25¢ ea = $7.50 Total batch fees: 300 x .25¢ ea = $0
PCI fees: $9.95 PCI fees: $0
Statement fee: $7.50Statement fee: $0
Total interchange fees: $1,680.05Total interchange fees: $0
Grand total non cash processing cost: $1,750/MonthGrand total non cash processing cost: $0 Monthly
Yearly processing cost: $21,000Yearly processing cost: $0

No Processing Fees Effective Rate Explained – The Old And New Way.

The Old Way: Business owners would receive a monthly statement form their merchant service provider showing transactions and fees. All of their non cash processing fees were debited from their deposit at the end of each month (or daily if they were on daily billing). For instance, if a business owner processed $50,000 in transactions and they paid $1,750 in non cash processing fees, here is how you find the effective rate. Take the $1,750 fees charged for processing non cash transactions and divide it by the total of $50,000 in transactions (card sales) = 0.035 X 100 = this will give you the effective rate, which is 3.5%.

The New Way: Customer receive a dual price option with a discount of 4% for paying cash with those paying with non cash paying regular price (which is 3.8461% higher). Just like you can see in the sign posted above (or at gas stations across the country). It was in the not so distant past, that a charge was added as a convenience fee for non cash transactions. Keep in mind that this 3.8461% difference covers ALL of the processing fees associated with your business processing non cash transactions. Even statement fees, batch fees, the PCI fees, per item card fees and ALL other fees are wrapped up in the 3.8461% Edge processing fee. All this plus your cash-paying customers will now receive a 4% discount for paying with cash. Times have changed for sure.

EX: If you are charged $1,750 per month in fees you will save $21,000 per year! That is $105,00 every 5 years! 

How To Present Payment Options To Your Customer.

Always let your customers know the “other” price first;
“here is your price, (first) and here is your cash price” You both get to winn!

No Card Processing Fees Pay With Cash And Save

Customers Choose – A BIG Win For You & Them.

Now you have given your customer the option to make the choice between paying with cash or credit. Giving your customer payment options is always a good way to do business!

Once they make a choice, they will receive a printed receipt showing how they paid and the total amount. A very simple and smooth transaction that we will help set up for your business.

You end up with a happy customer by giving them the option to choose in a business like manner. And now your business ends up with no processing fees and a nicer bottom line!

Offering these options is good for you and your customer, now have a choice to save if they choose to pay with cash.

We will help you get set up with a free terminal or a customer facing POS (Point Of Sale) system. Thus allowing your customers to choose how they would like to pay. This makes for a smooth transaction in a professional manner.


The non cash sale is automatically adjusted for the 3.8461% price adjustment. For customers who choose to pay with cash, they get rewarded with a 4% discount. This is a much better way of doing business and is a win-win for both parties. Utah EZ Pay is here to help get you on to the road to eliminating this expenses and increasing your bottom line with the Edge 0% Dual Pricing processing program.

No Card Processing Fees Cash or Credit Recept

Customers Love Having Payment Options!

Edge testimonial

You Will Receive An Easy To Read Simplified Statement.

All of your card transactions will be posted on your Payments Hub for your viewing at any time. Or you can choose to receive a paper copy in the mail. Below you will see an example of a statement which shows all the transactions for each day that you processed cards. Clean, transparent and best of all, simple and easy to understand! (Note that we have left a few in-between pages out because they are repetitious and state the same repeated information).

Merchant Simplified Statement
Merchant Simplified Statement

Ready To Start Saving 90% + Of Your Processing Fees? Let’s Go!

The Utah EZ Pay team want you to be in the know. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. We hope you have found the information we provide helpful as it certainly is our pleasure to help business streamline and increase profits for your business, or how about a much needed vacation? Contact us TODAY and we’ll be happy to get you on your way. The process can be done 100% electronically online here and in just a few minutes.

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