Professional Accounting And Legal Practice Payment Processing

Professional Accounting And Legal Practice Payment Processing.

Utah EZ Pay is proud to offer Merchant Services to Professional Businesses. We offer PayAnywhere with their commitment to simplifying credit card processing for professional services businesses, including businesses in the legal industry, marketing firms, accountants, bookkeepers and other professionals. For Professional Accounting and Legal Payment Processing, we have your Salt Lake City metro area covered.

√ You will enjoy receiving our Free Smart Terminals with no contract or termination fees.
√ Realize the benefit of our Edge 0% dual pricing or Interchange .35% rates!

Professional Accounting Legal Payment Processing.

We Have Your Professional Business Covered With Safe & Secure Transactions.

Professional services firms are organizations who provide knowledge-based services to their clients. Professional services firms exist in a variety of industries including entities who provide legal services. Also other service businesses such as ad agencies, accounting firms, financial advisors and many more professions. At PayAnywhere, we are uniquely positioned to help professional services businesses like yours. We proudley offer secure and seamless payment processing to clients. All the while leveraging data-driven insights that will make your firm more profitable. We offer Merchant services for professional services, simplified!

Receive Important Data Driven Analytics For Your Professional Business.

A variety of options with useful and important data reports to help your business grow.

  • Invoice management
  • Custom reports
  • Sales activity
  • Track customers
  • View statements

As a Professional Business, it is important to partner with a company to assist you in accepting all forms of card payments. A company who is committed to giving you the data you need to make smart and informed decisions to grow your Salt Lake City professional business.

Smart Countertop Touch Terminal With Customer Facing PIN Pro.

Payments methods have changed and it is ever more important to be up-to-date. With the PayAnywhere Smart Countertop Terminal you provide a better payment experience while accepting and offering all forms of payment. You will now be able to accept NFC, Chip cards, PIN debit and EBT options. All of the modern forms of payments. You will receive access to the easy-to-digest data needed to help make important and informed business decisions. 

Professional Services

Process Secure Payments With Our Payments Hub, Perfect For Professional Accounting Legal Payment Processing.

Maximize your profitability with anytime access to Payments Hub. Enjoy your very own secure, online merchant portal. You’ll get to leverage all the industry-leading perks and the tools. Utah EZ Pay offers solutions you’ll need to streamline your operations while taking your Salt Lake City metro area business to a whole new and efficient level.

With Payments Hub, you’ll have one centralized online location for everything you need to run your business more efficiently than ever before. You’ll enjoy the convenience of the online payments hub whether you are needing to update your account. As well as managing your charge-backs, run card transactions. And all you’ll need to do is simply log in from any device! You can even add employees with the option, setting up their level of accessibility and employee reporting. All this and more, right through the Payments Hub.

Get Started With Professional Accounting And
Legal Practice Payment Processing.

Here at Utah EZ Pay we are ready to assist in getting your Professional Accounting and Legal Practice Payment Processing account set up in as little as 15 minutes. Let us know how we can help your professional business! Get started today!

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