Effect of hard water

Water Softener

Are you seeing hard water spots & deposits on your fixtures? How spots on glass or itchy skin when you get out of the shower? If so you need a water softener.

Water Softener Options

On this Utah EZ Pay page we showcase how a whole home softening system will enhance everyone’s lives. This everyone will appreciate as well as your water and appliances.


Utah hard water map

Utah Has The Hardest Water In The Nation

Utah state has the highest water mineral content in the nation. This very hard water is formed when it percolates through deposits of limestone. Also with the limestone is chalk or gypsum.

They are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates. This is also called calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is insoluble calcium compound that ends up attaching itself to everything. Yes, what a mess of deposits it is.

Water Softener Solutions For Utah Homeowners

There is no other way to stop this from happening other than removing the hard water somehow. Here we will show you a permanent and viable solution.


Water Test

Soft Water VS Hard Water

In Utah hard water is a way of life. A nuisance that we try to get used to but often ignore. We have come up with a test that you can do to see if you have hard water. All you have to do is get plastic bottle and fill it about halfway. Then shake it up for about 5 – 10 seconds.

Look and see if you notice bubbles. If you do, you have hard water in your home. Chances are over 90% that you have hard water here in Utah.

No More Hard Water Bubbles Please

Now that you see that you have hard water, it is time we have to soften it. Here we will show you a permanent and real preforming solution for your home.

  • For soft water = you will see bubbles
  • For hard water = you will see few to no bubbles
  • Soft water will have = clear water
  • Hard water will have = cloudy water


Calcification in heater

Water Heaters & Hard Water

In the Salt Lake & Utah county metro area, homeowners are constantly experiencing efficiency loss in their gas water heaters. This is due to the limestone and calcium (calsafcation) buildup in their water heaters. If you hear bubbling and gurgling noises coming from your gas water heater, you have build up.

What Is This Happening?

Because hard water sediment is building up at the bottom of your water heater tank. A water softener will solve this issue. However you have to replace the damaged water heater first.

A Few Points To Ponder

  • Calcium carbonate inside your water heater tank
  • The heating unit is now less efficient
  • Water heater life is greatly shortened


Copper pipe

Damage From Hard Water On Your Pipes

Homes have many different types of pipes in them. They can range from copper, galvanized, PEX to polybutylene. If you have hard water like we do here in Utah, you are getting build up. We see this from Salt Lake to Utah county and beyond.

Some Of The Hard Water Results Are:

  • Pipe diameter due to limescale (calcium carbonate) becomes smaller
  • This will slow down your water flow
  • Shorten life span
  • Cause blockage when breaks lose
  • Become a blockage somewhere else


Softener brands

Water Softener Solution & Benefits

A full home water softener system will full eliminate all of the hard water issues you are experiencing. We often receive return email from customers THRILLED with the results.

Your new system will remove hard water deposits. As well as scale and provide you with many benefits. Here is a beaf list:

  • Stop mineral buildup in your water pipes, faucets, water heater and appliances
  • Greatly improve appliances life cycle
  • Improve the efficiency of water heaters
  • 40% savings on soaps and detergent usage
  • Completely stop mineral stains on surfaces, sinks and in toilets, tubs & shower enclosures
  • Stop water spots on dishes & the like
  • Gentle on clothing
  • Skin and hair are now softer
  • No more itchy skin

A Few Water Softener Brands We Recommend

North Star Water Conditioning

Halo Water


Hard water on glass

No More Water Spots

We have all seen hard water spots on glassware. They are annoying as you just washed the dishes and are seeing them. With a water softener will NOT have to use a chemical agent additive in your dishwasher. Besides these chemicals can not be good for you.

All Will Be Spot Free

No more re washing or trying to get the spotts off. All of your dishes, silverware, glasses and pots and pans will be spott free!


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Water Softener FREE Estimates & Financing

Here at Utah EZ Pay, we install water softeners that range in size and budget to meet your family’s needs. Keemer Plumbing proudly installs water softeners from any of the major brands we listed.

Water Softener Financing Payments

EX: a $2,200 water softener system installed is only $22 a mo with our 1% mo payment @ 5.9% interest with our Utah EZ Pay financing. You can pay off at any time as there is no prepayment penalty, no closing costs or liens on your home.

Get a free estimate and start enjoying the many benefits of soft water. Your entire home and family members will benefit and notice the differance. Our contact number is 801-205-1955 call or text anytime 24/7/.