What Are Water Heater Seismic Straps

Seismic Straps & Bracing What You Need To Know

If you are a homeowner in the Salt Lake City metro area, proper seismic bracing straps of your water heater is a must! If not you are risking the possibility of water flooding into your home. Also, possibly a gas or propane leak into you home causing a fire or a possible explosion! 

It is no secret that here in the Utah valley, we have become much more aware of the possibility of an earthquake. Having said this, even the Utah Seismic Water Heater building codes have been updated to to reflect this new updated standard. 

Safety Points For Water Heater Bracing

Just imagine that you are a sleep in your home and it is about 3 am in the morning. A minor earthquake shakes your home and your family are in a deep sleep. Your water heater is gas and or propane. It will have a gas and or propane line going to the water heater. But your home was shaking becuase of the earth quake. The water heater is top heavy and tipped over. Now the line has been pulled out of it’s socket and has been spewing flammable gas into your home. Now you smell that rotten egg odor. What if someone lights a flame or their is a spark when you flip a light switch? Very dangerous and life threatening indeed!  Now just imagine the same situation but you are gone poly to come home to  seeing your home up in flames.  

Let’s review the same situation with your water heater that has no seismic bracing straps and water damage possibilities. It can fill the floor of your home that it is resting on if not with a drain pan with water. If it is on the upper floor it can damage your lower floors. This can be, flooring, sheetrock, carpet, molding, furniture, electronics, clothing and much more. 

Water Heater Safety Strapping Points To Remember

  1. Stop gas leaks and fire hazards
  2. Stop water damage
  3. Compliance of the seismic water heater bracing straps code
  4. Added safety for your family 
  5. Peace of mind

These points are often over looked and never considered. Now you can see why seismic water heater bracing straps are so important for you and your family’s safety. Thank you from all of us here at Utah EZ Pay.  Call or text us for a free estimate today.