What Is A Water Heater Thermal Expansion Tank

Water Heater Expansion Tank Salt Lake City UT

Water Heater Expansion Tank Overview

Something to think about, when water is heated it expands. So where dose that expanded water in the heater go when the faucets are closed?  This is where an water heater expansion tank comes into play. 

It is designed to handle in a safe manner your water heaters thermal expanding heating and cooling cycles. That means throughout each 24 hour time period, your water heater is constantly expanding and contracting. 

The Components Of A Water Expansion Tank

  • An inlet water connection 
  • Sealed tank
  • A water chamber
  • Pressurized air chamber
  • Flexible diaphragm 
  • Air pressure valve 

So in simple terms the tank is made to have an enclosed sealed space of a few gallons approximate 2.5 that provides a safe place for expansion and contraction. This will relieve any stress on the water heater and it’s heating elements. By reducing this stress with a water heater expansion tank, the life of your water heater is greatly increased. 

The Risk of Water Heater Tank Explosion

 This is one of the most over looked possibility of your water heater. Without a expansion tank correctly installed, you are a risk of your water leaking from all of the extra pressure and or worse, possibly exploding. No one wants to come home to their home being flooded and have to remove a damaged heater and install a new one.  

50 Gallons Expands To 52 When Heated

If you are to take room temperature water at let’s say 72 degrees and heat it to 125 degrees. That heated water now ill will expand to 52 gallons putting extra pressure on your homes water system. With a properly installed expansion tank, all that is eliminated as the cavity created by air pressure contracts to let the heated water in.  

Here at Utah EZ Pay we make installing your water heater expansion tank your new energy efficient easy.  We will come by your home and personal inspect the entire water heating system. We will then make recommendations with a free written estimate.