Sewer & Water Main Repair

Sewer & Water Main Repair

When you have to get a sewer or water main repair job installed, we can help ASAP. If the sewer water will not drain or your water main has an issue, we are here to help. Most importantly you can call or text us at: 801-205-1955 at any time. We will render an immediate response.

Sewer & Water Main Repairs In The Ground Process

This is where the challenge starts. Because the pipes are buried in the ground they are not easily accessed. It would be a world of differance if these pipes are easily accessed. However this is not the case. Both sewer and water mains are under the ground.

Where are Sewer & Water Mains Located?

  • For celtral to northern Utah they are 6 – 8″ below the winter frost line
  • Utah central and northern frost line is 30″ to 38″
  • Sewer mains are 4″ in size on average
  • Sewer mains can range from about 5′ to over 10′ deep
  • Utah water Mains are 3/4″ to 1.25″ in diameter
  • The buried under the ground depth range is 40″ to over 50″ depending on your homes elevation and local city codes


Finding Were The Leak Is

Sewer & Water Main Repair Finding Were The Leak Is

It is a challenging task to find where the sewer or water main leak is. This is why you need a professional like Utah EZ Pay to do the job. We will use the latest scoping to listening technology. This will help us find where the issue is.

We Will Look & Listen To Find Your Sewer & Water Main Issues

  • Observe and look for surfacing water from the ground
  • We will look and see if your driveway, earth or sidewalk is caving into the ground
  • Notice if the earth on your property has areas of depressions or standing water
  • We will listen using special plumbing equipment for water flowing sounds


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Get Started On Your Job ASAP

No one likes waiting for days to get started on a urgent job. With sewer and water mains issues at hand we are here to help ASAP. Getting your plumbing issue resolved right away is our goal.

Cash Or Financing Options

Because of our Utah EZ Pay Financing, we make any sewer main or water main plumbing repair job affordable. Therefore here is a payment example. For a $2,500 job it is only $25 per month! A larger sewer or water main job at $9,500 is only $95 per month.

Use our money and leave your money in the bank. Most importantly there are no liens, or prepayment penalty. Perfect for sewer & water main repair jobs. Thank you from Utah EZ Pay.

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