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Water Heater Replacement Utah & Salt Lake County

Water Heater Replacement What You Need To Know

If your water heater is over 5 years old, and live in the greater Salt Lake City / Utah County area,  it is time to consider a replacement. Times and efficacy have changed for the better with recent advancements.

Water Heater Replacement Utah – Reasons To Replace Your Water Heater

  1. It is over 5 years old
  2. You hear bubbling noises when the unit is running
  3. Signs of water leaks
  4. Not Energy Star standard efficient
  5. Tank expansion issues or no expansion tank is instelled
  6. Sediment in the tank is built up if the tank has not been drained yearly

With Your New Water Heater We Will Update The Associated Parts

There is a good chance that the fittings, filler lines, pop off valve and temperature controls are all in need of updating. When a water heater is replaced with a new unit, all of the other attached plumbing parts will also get replaced ensuring everything work nicely together.  When installed correctly by a licensed plumber, with the required parts, your new water heater will provide many years of energy efficient worry free service.

      Your New Water Installation Will Include The Following: 

Water Heater Drain Pan

Water Heater Drain Pan

When we install a new water heater, it is important to replace the drain pan. The new unit sits inside of this pan. It is there to contain any water should your water heater ever leak. It has an outlet that drains into a 1″ pipe that will drain any water into your plumbing drain.

Water Heater Drain Pan Specifications:

  • 26″ round is a standard size
  • Fits, 30, 40 & 50 gallon water heaters
  • 2.5″ deep
  • 1″ PVC drain fitting
  • Made of aluminum
  • Electric or gas water heaters

T&P valve Utah

Water Heater T& P (popoff) Valve

It is most important to have a new T&P (pop-off) valve with your new water heater. Temperature and pressure relief valves, are an emergency safety limit valve. This we install if in case your water heater gets overheated. The T&P valve is designed to open when the pressure inside the tank exceeds 150 PSI, allowing pressure to vent out safely into the drip pan.

T& P (popoff) Valve Specifications:

  • 3/4″ NPT male inlet
  • 3/4″ NPT female outlet
  • Pressure Relief Range: 75 to 150 psi (5.2 to 10.3 bar)
  • Valve features a bronze body

Water Heater Replacement Utah seismic straps for water heater

Seismic Straps For Water Heater Replacement Utah

During the winter and spring of 2020 we have noticed many earthquakes. Just ask anyone in the Salt Lake Utah metro are and the will agree. The ground shook and shook with hundreds of aftershocks. With seismic water heater straps your water heater is stabilized. It is now securely mounted from tipping over during an earthquake. No possibility of water flooding or fire damage treating you and your family.

Seismic Straps Bennifits:

Expansion tank

Thermal Expansion Tank – Water Heater Replacement Utah

When your water is heated it naturally expands. Then it contracts when it gets cold. Only to repeat the process when heated again. A thermal expansion tank is designed to alleviate this pressure and extend the life of your plumbing system.

How A Thermal Expansion Tank Works

Thermal expansion tanks work by equalizing pressure throughout the plumbing system in your home or business. It is a small tank usually mounted above your water heater. It is divided in two sections by a rubber diaphragm in between. The one side is connected to the pipes of the heating system and contains water. The other side contains pressurized air, set at approx 10 psi. As hot water enters your plumbing system, the pressure in the system naturally increases. As pressure increases due to the expansion of the hot water the diaphragm in the expansion tank diaphragm is pushed down. This will compress the air in the tank, creating more space for excess water to enter the tank. This relieves excess pressure in the system.

Expansion Tank Parts:

  • One inlet water connection 
  • Sealed tank
  • A water chamber
  • A pressurized air chamber
  • Moving flexible diaphragm 
  • An Air pressure valve 

Dielectric union for water heaters or joining different metal pipes

Dielectric Union – Water Heater Replacement Utah

We install dielectric unions just above where the water intles are to your water heater. These are use to join pipes made from non similar metals. This union helps to avoid electrolysis which leads to corrosion and pipe failure. This union is made from galvanized steel and lead-free brass.

A Utah Plumbing Code Requirement

Plumbing codes in all of the US states require the use of dielectric unions when connecting to non similar metals. This is a must to increase your water heater lifespan.

Water Heater Replacement Utah / Financing Salt Lake City

Your New Water Will Be More Efficient And Include The Following:

As times are changing and everything is becoming more advanced, it is important to keeping mind that plumbing parts like a water heater need review and often updated. 

New Parts That Work Together With Your Water Heater 

Our professional team can install your new water heater in just a few hours giving you many years of trouble-free service allowing you to get back to your family, friends and the things which you love and are so important to you. 

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Utah EZ Pay Financing Makes Water Heater Replacement In Utah Simple

Our Utah EZ Pay makes financing and replacing  your old water heater, with a new energy efficient water heater, a breeze.  Our professional team will schedule a time to come by your home in the Salt Lake and Utah County area and personally inspect the unit. We will then provide you with helpful recommendations and a free written estimate. 

Water Heater Financing For Salt Lake & Utah County Homeowners

Folks in Utah are for sure liking the option of or financing. It offers them the option to get the projects completed quick and easy. That is why we call it our Utah EZ Pay financing!

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