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Water Heater Replacement / Financing Salt Lake City

Correct water heater replacement installation Salt Lake City Utah

Water Heater Replacement What You Need To Know

If your water heater is over 5 years old, and live in the greater Salt Lake City area,  it is time to consider a replacement

With our Utah EZ Pay financing, we make it easy for homeowners to pay for a water heater replacement and without having to take money from their bank accounts but finance and pay off in installments instead!

Reasons To Replace Your Water Heater

As the years pass by, manufactures of water heaters are always looking for ways to make them more and more efficient. As technology advances, we continuously see the many benefits of replacing our old water heater with a new updated one. 

Reasons To Replace Your Water Heater

  • Updated water heaters are more energy efficient
  • Corroded fittings will be replaced with new ones
  • Risk of leaks within the tank can lead to water damage in the home are eliminated
  • Sediment in the tank is builds up if the tank has not been drained yearly
  • Seismic water heater bracing straps are missing  and Salt Lake City Utah area homeowners are now required to have this safety feature
  • Updated code required water heater expansion tank are now required

As times are changing and everything is becoming more advanced, it is important to keeping mind that plumbing parts like a water heater need review and often updated. 

New Parts That Work Together With Your Water Heater 

 If your water heater is over five years old, there is a good chance that the fittings, filler lines, pop off valve and temperature controls are all in need of service and updating. When a water heater is replaced with a new unit, all of the other attached plumbing parts will also get replaced ensuring everything work nicely together.  When installed correctly by a licensed plumber, with the required parts, your new water heater will provide many years of energy efficient worry free service.

Our professional team can install your new water heater in just a few hours giving you many years of trouble-free service allowing you to get back to your family, friends and the things which you love and are so important to you. 

Utah EZ Pay makes financing and replacing  your old water heater, with a new energy efficient water heater, a breeze.  Our professional team will schedule a time to come by your home in the Salt Lake City area and personally inspect the unit. We will then provide you with helpful recommendations and a free written estimate.