Repipe Salt Lake Utah County

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County

Are you experiencing leaks? What about low water pressure? How about dirty or rusty water? If so repipe Salt Lake Utah County is here to help!

For Repipe Salt Lake Utah County We Install Most Jobs In One Day!

Here at Utah EZ Pay, we can repipe your home in most cases one day! Yes in just one day we can replace all of the pipes in your home with new lifetime PEX piping!

When we repipe your home, we will install the following high quality materials:

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County Pipe & Fittings

PEX Uponor piping is 100% felaxable and leak proof

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County PRV Valve

New brass PRV valves will be professionaly installed

 Delta tub and shower valves Salt Lake Utah

New pressure-balancing tub and shower valves installed

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County PEX Piping Roles

All pipes replaced with the highest quality PEX repiping

Utah EZ Pay install angle stop valves

High quality angle stop valves will be installed

washing machine valves with hammers

We will install new washing machine valves with hammers

repipe ball valve

We install all brass ball-valve shut-offs – They are far superior

quality stainless-steel supply lines

High quality stainless-steel supply lines are installed

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County Lifetime Warranty

Receive a full lifetime warranty & unparalleled peace of mind

Don’t Let Your Old Pipes Break Your Bank. We Will Repipe Your Entire Home
for Half the Cost of a Plumber or Contractor.

Installation Procedures 

  • Most repipe jobs installed in one day
  • A senior supervisor runs every job
  • We protect your home during installation
  • Clean up at the end of the day
  • We fully clean every job site and patch all of your walls
  • Most piping jobs completed in one day
  • Your flooring is covered and fully protected

What Is My Cost?

  • Half the cost of a plumber
  • Often half the cost of a repiping contractor
  • Utah EZ Pay 1% Financing
  • Many financing plains
  • EX: A 1,500 job is only $15 per month!
  • EX: A $7,500 job is only $75 per month!
  • No closing cost
  • No liens on your home
  • Never a prepayment penalty

The Many Benefits

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County

Lifetime Warranty To Every Corner Of Your Home Repipe Salt Lake Utah County Homeowners

Now you will have a LIFETIME WARRANTY on your homes new piping. We professionally install PEX and PEX-Uponor flexible piping in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

Greg G. Kapitan

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County Representative Greg G. Kapitan

We thought that we would take a moment here to introduce myself. Here at Utah EZ Pay, we want you to see what a real repiping job looks like. This way you have some insight into the process. Also some reassurance that you home is not going to be a complete mess during the process.

A Sandy Utah Repipe Job In Photos

Here we are showcasing photos of a recent job in 2020 in Salt Lake County. We also service Utah County. This job took one day. They have 3 restrooms and one kitchen. Each photo have some helpful text to walk you through the repiping process. This gives you an idea on what to expect.

Utah EZ Pay Financing logo

Repipe Salt Lake Utah County A Brief Recap On The Many Repiping Benefits

You have seen all of the many benefits to repiping your home. They go on and on. They will also help you sell your home when the time comes.

Exciting Financing Options

Now the question is, how do you want to pay for it? You can use your own money ou use ours. We make it easy for you to get your job on the schedule.

Utah EZ Pay Financing

Utah EZ Pay financing will get your approval in just a few minutes. Then you can choose your financing plain. After that, we can get your project on the schedule.

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