Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Here at Utah EZ Pay we have a very unique opportunity for you and your business. Partner with us by Joining our team and realize the full potential of your business.

Be A Utah EZ Pay Partner & Join Our Team

Unlike many other out of state companies, we are local born and raised Utah company. We are local, approachable and real. We can come out to your business or be reached by calling or text messaging. Our phone number is: 801-205-1955. Feel free to call or text anytime.


Utah EZ Pay Financing Options

Utah EZ Pay Member Perks When You Join Our Team

The Many Perks Of Joining Our Team – No UpFront Cost Leads!

No UpFront cost leads! Unlike lead generating companies, you will receive free leads from us without paying for them. This is a groundbreaking way to do business.

Use Our Utah EZ Pay Financing!

With our Utah EZ Pay Financing, you will be ahead of the competition. You will be able to offer our famed Utah EZ Pay Financing and appointed well recognized logos. You will in turn receive more jobs by having a recognized branding as part of your business.

How Does The No The UpFront Cost Leads Work?

This business model is based on good old trust. If we send you a lead and it does not turn into a job, there is no cost to you.

Is There A Cost To Being A Utah EZ Pay Financing Partner?

For the first year there is no upfront cost. Unlike many other business partnerships that want to charge you for a service. We want you to be successful! So for the first your it is 100% Free! After that we charge $100 per month to use our Utah EZ Pay Financing logos and plans.


More Financing Options

Help Your Business Become More Successful Is Our Goal!

Our ultimate goal is to help make your business stand out from the competition. here below we have a couple pointers on how we can help!

  • Offer a unparalleled UPS (unique selling position)
  • Be able to offer the Utah EZ Pay Financing
  • Use all of the branded logos
  • Receive Utah EZ Pay leads
  • Free training to help your business become more successful

Get Started For FREE Today!

Just fill out the from below. Tell up about your business and services. We will be happy to reach out by phone or in person. Thank you for the staff at, Utah EZ Pay.

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