Enroll & Pay Loyalty Platform

Enroll & Pay Loyalty Platform

Utah EZ Pay is thrilled to offer Enroll & Pay Rewards & Loyalty Platform. Our proprietary enrollment process enables merchants to improve loyalty conversion by more than 20 times the industry average! 👍 At the time of a customer using their card for a purchase, they can opt for and connect that same card for loyalty and rewards. Ultimately boosting profitability.

Drive More Sales and Automate Customer Engagement

drive more sales

A Streamlined Loyalty Program Enrollment During Checkout


Consumers Enjoy Frictionless and Instant Rewards

Customer Gift Reward Offer

Easy to Set up and NFC Contactless Compatible

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Enroll & Pay Credit or Debit Card Loyalty Platform

Utah EZ Pay is offering the Enroll & Pay Loyalty Platform for business owners that ads posts and rewards to customers who opt in. Enroll & Pay is a Credit or Debit Card-linked loyalty platform that integrates with POS terminals for brick-and-mortar Salt Lake City area merchants.

This Loyalty as a Service (LAAS) platform allows customers to easily enroll and pay with a credit card during their initial transaction with a merchant. All future card payments are seamlessly tracked and rewarded in real-time.

Receive 90 days for FREE!
$30 Per Mo + 1 cent Per e Receipt + 1 cent Per Text

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Enroll & Pay YouTube Video:

The simplicity of use for both the customer and the business differentiates Enroll & Pay from other loyalty platforms. See why…

Enroll & Pay’s Instant Customer Spending Categorization Tool:

The software will instantly categorize your customers based on their spending habits at your business. In the back office a merchant has the ability to slice and dice their programs however they see fit. Points, cash and electronic punch card are available as are time sensitive offers such as a BOGO etc.

  • Send targeted offers to encourage missing customers
  • Earn 20% off to your average customer for increased loyalty

Offer VIP Offers to your loyal customer base

Enroll & Pay Rewards Tracking

The Many Business Types We Work With:

Casual Dining
Casual Dining
Quick Service Restaurant
Quick Service Restaurant
Fine Dining
Fine Dining
Clothing & Apparel
Clothing & Apparel
Spa Hair Salons
Spa & Hair Salons

How Enroll & Pay Conversion Works:

PAX a920 rewards

The Enroll & Pay platform presents an enrollment opportunity on every initial credit card swipe. Combined with the instant reward, Enroll & Pay’s customer conversion rates are often 20 times more that of ordinary methods.

Options To View:

  • Instant and Accrued Rewards
  • Multiple Card Linking
  • Stand Alone or Semi-Integrated
  • Member v. Non-Member Analytics
  • Customize Your Rewards Programs:
    •  Points
    • Cash Rewards
    • Punchcard

View Activity Reporting With Our Dashboard:

View Sales & Data:

  • Instantly View Data in Real-Time and Aggregate
  • SKU Tracking
  • View Top Selling Items
  • Employee Performance
  • Spend & Frequency Analytics
  • Incremental Reporting

Insight To Your Customers:

  • Baseline vs. Improved Customer Performance
  • Offer/Deal Marketing Statistics
  • Customer Segmentation

Customer Connections:

  • Receive Verified Reviews
  • Poor Rating Notification
  • Re-engage and send offers to missing customers

Loyalty Insights:

  • Enrollment conversion
  • View Member VS Non-Member Spending Habits
  • Redemption Analytics
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