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Clover VS PayAnywhere. Is your merchant account clover-priced or overpriced at 2.6% thinking it is a good deal? If so, Utah EZ Pay wants to make sure you know exactly what Clovers rates are so you can see them and judge for yourself. If you look at the top of this page, you will see a screenshot of the Clover Pricing (right from their website). In this page we will share the difference, you’ll get to see for yourself, Clover’s 2.6% VS PayAnywhere .39% – 1.29% pricing. Let us get your business some perminiant lower card processing rates today!

Clover VS PayAnywhere Swiped Transactions

Pricing for both card processing platforms using a tiered rate structure for swiped transactions. Here they are both listed below:

Clover Swiped Rate Pricing:

Clover has bundled all of their transactions into one average price for swiped cards. This leads to a more costly total effective rate for business owners.

Having all the cards bundled together pushes the total effective rate up for swiped cards. This is a great way for the company to make more money by charging you a higher rate but making it appear that you are paying less. But in reality, below is what you end up paying.

You are paying with Clover:

2.6% + 10¢ per transaction.

PayAnywhere Swiped Rate Pricing:

PayAnywhere is a “merchant service provider” who processes payments based on the actual amount each card charges. Even with the mix of cards, your effective rate will end up being much less than the 2.6% Clover is charging.

  • .35% + 10¢ Debit Card With A PIN
  • 1.29% + 10¢ Debit & Credit Cards No PIN 
  • 2.25% + 10¢ Rewards Cards
  • 2.99 % Manually keyed-in with our Virtual Terminal
  • The average of all of the card mix above = 1.72%.

You cold be paying with PayAnywhere:

1.72% + 10¢ per transaction.

Clover VS PayAnywhere Manually Keyed-In Transactions

With both card processing platforms using a tiered rate structure for manual keyed in transactions. The prices and cost to your business are posted below:

You are paying with Clover:

3.5% + 10¢ per transaction.

You could be paying with PayAnywhere:

2.69% + 10¢ per transaction.

Clover VS PayAnywhere + Edge 0%For All Transactions

Now let’s considered our Edge 0% ALL Cards Processing Option. By choosing this option, you would completely eliminate 90% + of your card processing fees!

Clover Swiped:
3.5% + 15¢ per transaction.

Clover Online:
2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Clover Manually Keyed:
3.5% + 15¢ per transaction.

PayAnywhere Swiped:
0% + 0¢

PayAnywhere Online:
0% + 0¢

PayAnywhere Manually Keyed:
0% + 0¢

How Fast Do You Want To Receive Your Funds?

Payment Solutions Offerings From Clover & PayAnywhere:

Below are the Clover Options:

Clover Pricing Chart

Free Payment Solutions From PayAnywhere:

PayAnywhere Smart POS+ Fully Integrated Reporting System.


Clover VS PayAnywhere Smart POS + Point Of Sale System

PayAnywhere Smart POS+ Fully Integrated Reporting System.


PAX E700 Smart Terminal

PayAnywhere Smart POS + Mobile Smart Terminal.


Clover VS PayAnywhere Quick Service Business

Accept Cards, Manage Employees, View Inventory & Much More!

Clover VS PayAnywhere – Local Rep Support:

Besides everything else you have read so far, there is yet another area where we really shine here at Utah EZ Pay with PayAnywhere vs Square. Both processing platforms provide 24-hour support. However there is more to consider…

Clover Direct Local Rep Support:


PayAnywhere Local Rep Support:


You have having an issue and you don’t necessarily want to call 1-800 for support.

You can call or text your local representative at anytime. This is what they are there for.

They will be able to come right to your business, if ever needed, as they often live nearby.

Goodbye Clover Hello PayAnywhere.

Goodbye Clover Hello PayAnywhere Merchants Reviews
Goodbye Clover @ 3.65% Hello PayAnywhere @ .25% with Edge 0% processing.
PayAnywhere E700 Smart Terminal
The E700 PayAnywhere Smart Terminal With merchant & Customer Facing Screens.
One Of Many Happy Merchants. Connie @  Upholstery West Midvale Utah.
One Of Many Happy Merchants. Connie @ Upholstery West Midvale Utah.

The PayAnywhere App Will Help You Grow & Manage Your Business!

So many helpful options, so many helpful ways to help streamline your business.

Clover VS PayAnywhere