Carpet Installation & Options for Utah Homeowners

carpet installation installer slc utah ez payGet A Clean Home From The Floor Up!

When it comes to your homes carpet, we recommend replacement every 10 years. This is due to the fact of foot traffic, dirt, dander and pollutants that will get easily trapped into your homes carpet. The pad underneath will also trap in orders as well.  Because we have four seasons here in Utah, carpets tend to get dirty and warn fast.

Changing Your Carpet Is An Instant Cleanning & Upgrade!

Just think that in most cases in one day your home can have an instant upgrade just by changing your carpet. Your family and visitors will be pleasantly surprised!

Carpet colors and samples from Utah EZ Pay Home ImprovementsWall To Wall Beauty, Options & Colors

We have all of the major carpet brands to choose from to upgrade your home. This is a great time to look at all of your options such as texture, colors, and padding. Remember to consider your lifestyle, family members and how much traffic you will be having in your home. All of this plays a role in what carpet option is best for your family home.

Shop at home Utah EZ Pay Carpet Home Improvement financingWe Will come To Your Home With Carpet Samples

You can call, text or email us for a free estimate. When you do, we will bringing many carpet samples with us so you can choose from. Colors, textures you name it.

Carpet Padding

The carpet under your carpet that supports everything. Carpet padding is often overlooked It supports the carpet above it. It also can hold in odors that you can smell when entering a home. We will make recommendations for the correct padding that will add years to the life of your carpet.

Pets and Carpet Selection Option Pets & Carpet Choices

This is another area that is often overlooked. When we visit at your home Utah, we will gather information concerning your pets and make sugestions for the best carpet for your specific situation.

Carpets and pets go hand in hand as they are closer to each other in proximity. The dander from your pet is constantly getting getting embedded in the carpet and pad and your pet is constantly walking on it. We are sensitive to this situation and will be glad to make recommendations.

Utah EZ Pay Carpet Financing 1% Payment Options

Approval In 60 Seconds!

Remember to take advantage of our Utah EZ Pay 1% Financing! A $7,500 Job Is Only $75 A Month for the many Utah Home Improvement Services that we offer! Thank you from all of us at, Utah EZ Pay Home Improvements!