Lowest Price & Low Bid Estimates From Home Improvement Contractors

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Warning, You Get What You Pay For with a Low Price for Home Improvement Projects!

Are you in the process of getting estimates for your home improvement project? When making this decision, most homeowners in the US opt to  get several estimates (bids) from different contractors for offering and price comparison.  This post will help homeowners understand what to consider and look for as well as why it may very well not always be the best choice to go with the lowest price which is often associated with the lowest bidder. Be forewarned that this is NOT always the best choice.

With Home Improvement Services, 99% of the Time, You Get What You Pay For

Selecting a contractor for your home improvement project is very different from buying a off brand at a low price vs a name brand product at your local  retail outlet or chain store. With home construction services, there are a variety of factors that go into the cost of any particular job, each job being very unique. When a particular job is bid (estimated) very low, chances are, someone is cutting corners in some way or another or will get you later with additional costs or problems.

Skilled Labor Costs More

Skilled labor costs more, especially when it comes to remodeling your home. As you consider who will be doing your remodel, be sure you you are hiring experienced, talented and skilled labor. Anyone can install (or try to install) floor tiles for instance; however, it takes someone with experience who is skilled in the specific type of work to do the job correctly. This is true with any line of home improvement work.

Whoever you hire, keep in mind that the completed tile job will very likely be a reflection of just what you paid for. No one wants to have a job completed only to find, in this case, that by the look of the complete tile installation, one could tell it was obviously installed by someone who was unskilled and provided poor workmanship. The opposite could very well be true when you choose to use skilled and qualified labor as you find the job looks great and professional and you will be happy you spend a few extra dollars to have the job done right!

Quality Materials Cost More

Another example that is proof that you get what you pay for. When you shop a place like Home Depot, you might look for 2×4’s for sale. You have choices, you can choose from the premium pieces which are nice and straight or you can look at the less expensive (lowest priced) ones which cost less. As you look at the lumber up close, you find the boards are not as straight as the more expensive “premium” option.  Once again, you get what you pay for.

Terminology Often Used for Low Bidding

We would actually group all of the following terms together. Why? Because ultimately they often lead to the same result, be warey of the following terminology :

  • Best Price
  • Low Estimate
  • Lowest Bidder
  • Lowest Price

Best Price

This often means you are getting a name brand item at the lowest possible price. This term can be misleading as it may be used by contractors who have worked in other ways of lowering the price be it lower quality product, labor or leaving things out until later. Remember, you get what you pay for with home improvement services.

Low Estimate

This term is used when homeowners receive an estimate from a contractor and the estimated total is quite low in comparison with others, a good sign to ask more questions and do a good comparison as to why.

Lowest Bidder

This term is similar to the one above it but is more often used in commercial construction.

Lowest Price

This term  is used with garage sale shopping, one might ask of another selling goods, “what is your lowest price?”

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We hope that you have found our lowest price, low bidder estimate when it comes to home improvement. Be sure to do your research, ask questions and get several estimates / bids to compare and gain more insight into what to look for and what is offered. The long and short of this article is that you truly get what you pay for! Thank you for all of us at Utah EZ Pay!