Active Pure Air Filtration

Active Pure Air Filtration – Air Scrubber

How Active Pure Air Filtration works step by step. In our air we have many harmful viruses, fungi, bacteria mold, and many other pollutants and contaminants. These are also on the surfaces of your home and business. Active Pure Air Scrubber Technology by Aerus will remove all the the harmful contaminants from the air we breathe and surfaces. This will help with your allergies as well.


Active Pure Air Filtration For NASA

Active Pure Air Filtration Created In Conjunction With NASA

The Active Pure Air Filtration goes beyond traditional air purification systems. It was developed for use with NASA. This is the only air clean system awarded the Space Technology Seal Of Approval. This patented system was created in cooperation with NASA. Active Pure by Aures and NASA worked diligently in the manufacturing of this innovative Air Scrubber technology.


Virus Active Pure Air Filtration

Harmful Viruses & Bacteria In Your Home Or Business

In an untreated and unsanitized inclosed environment many viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold VOCs will naturally gow and fester. This is true especially if humans enter the inclosed area. Once you ad food, clothing, carpet, pets this multiplies ten fold.


Active Pure Air Filtration Air In Home

Microscopic Oxygen and Water

Microscopic oxygen and water are naturally circulating throughout your home or business. Is has many different unhealthy contaminants circulation with it. Literally carrying them around to every area of the inside space.


Inlet Of The Active Pure Air Filtration System

Air Enters The Active Prue Air Scrubber System

Now the air in your home will enter the newly installed Active Prue Air Scrubber system. These microscopic oxygen and water molecules enter the Honeycomb Matrix.


How The Active Pure Air Filtration System Works

Air Transformation In The Active Pure Air Filtration System

While inside the Active Pure Matrix unit the molecules are transformed into friendly powerful oxidizers. They will be expelled out the other side and ready to go to work for you!


Air Is Now Charged With Super Oxides

The newly formed SuperOxides is a compound that contains the superoxide ion, which has the chemical formula O⁻ ₂. This is the systematic name of the anion is dioxide. Reactive oxygen ion superoxide is particularly important as the product of the one-electron reduction of dioxygen O₂. This occurs naturally in nature.


Air Exists Ready To Clean Everything

These are now super charged powerful oxidizers. They ready to be sent to go to work for you every time your heating or air conditioning is running. They are sent out and touch every surface and all of air molecules of your home or business.


New Air Active Pure Air Filtration

Super Charged Cleansing Air Is Blown Around

Thank goodness our heating systems are forced air. Because of this, these Super Oxides are literally blown everyware in your home or business. On a mission they are destroying all of the contaminants in the air.


fungi, bacteria in the air

Destroying The Contaminated Air On Everything – Active Pure Air Filtration

Now all of the harmful air contaminants that are in the air are destroyed and neutralized. Smells and odors from fungi, bacteria, mold and all of the other unhealthy contaminants are are gone!


fungi, bacteria in the air virus

Carpets, Flooring & More

They are destroying harmful viruses, mold, and many other pollutants and contaminants. This happens on every surface of your home or business.


fungi, bacteria in the air on couch

Even The Small Cracks Of Furniture & Everything Else Is Cleansed & Sanitized

There’s no escaping the places that this supercharged powerful oxidizers can’t touch. Every area in your home or business will now be sanitized.


Safe Family

Active Pure Air Filtration Is Very Safe For Everyone

How Active Pure Air Filtration Is very safe for humans as well as pets. It works with your environment just like nature dose naturally.


Paper Awards

Leading Edge Technology & Documented

How Active Pure Air filtration is very well phrased and quoted as “leading edge technology” Documented and phrased in many university studies across the United States.


fungi, bacteria charts

Over 90% + Deduction In Pollutants

Here in the chart you can see how many harmful pollutants are effectively removed.

  • Bacillus spp
  • Streptococcus spp. (Strep)
  • Pseudomonas spp
  • L. Monocytogenes (Listeria)
  • C. Albicans
  • S. Chartarum
  • Influenza Virus H5N8
  • Hepatitis A (HAV)
  • Norovirus
  • C. Diff (Difficile)


Sick child

Less Sickness At Home or Business

Something to think about. We all manage to get sick more in the colder winter months than the warmer summer months. This is becuase we are inside more spreading germs. This will become a thing of the past with our Active Pure Air Filtration Air Scrubber System.


Safe family

Enjoy A Healthy Home Or Business

Now your entire family can enjoy a safer and healthier lifestyle. In the office or your business, you, your staff and your customers will be safer. You will make more revenue and everyone will benefit and enjoy healthier lives.


Hotel Room

Active Pure Air Filtration Systems Are In Many Hotels And Inns Across The Nation

Something to think about, how do you have a room that has so many different people coming in and out clean and healthy? You guessed it, with an Active Pure Air Scrubber system.


Liberty Bell

A Famous Installation

We are all familiar with the Liberty Bell in the US. We it is housed in a museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Because so many visitors are going in and out, the air is in need of treatment. Yes, they have one of our air purification systems installed.


Aerus building

Active Pure Air Filtration Home Office

Our air purification systems are proudly made in the USA in Dallas Texas. Aerus has over 80 years of experience making innovative products to enhance lives across the globe. They are enjoying a great reputation in the clean air business. Aerus stands stand behind the products they manufacture.


Safe Air Logo

Get The Safe Air Logo For Your Business Active Pure Air Filtration

With you new system you will get the Safe Air Logo. You can post this in the front window or by the door of your business. This will let potential customers know that your business air environment is safe and clean! This will encourage more business!

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